Women's worlds are diverse and multi-layered and there are many ways in which the environment shapes our lives. We are a group of female researchers based in the UK and Peru united by our interest in women's environmental health issues. We have different skills and expertise and together we bring an interdisciplinary perspective to understanding how different aspects of the environment impacts women's physiology, behaviour, and wellbeing. Click on the People dropdown menu to find out more about us. 

Our network is growing....

Are you also passionate about the environment and women's health? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Why not get in touch to tell us about the work you're doing in this area, ask us about what we're up to and to find out more about joining our network!

Want to know more about environmental links with women's health?

We are hosting a series of online workshops which will be a great way to hear about some of the latest work at the environment-gender-health nexus and to meet others with similar interests.

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